Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Autumn Reflections

In 2008, I missed autumn. Somehow due to a crazy business travel schedule and a shorter changing of the leaves period, I just missed it. So when autumn came around last year, I made up for it. Here is one of the photos I took while photographing the Tidal Basin during one of my many early morning autumn treks around the city last fall.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Looking Over the Battlefield

Last year, I traveled to Gettysburg for the first time. As I drove through the national park, I was moved and struck by the hundreds of monuments placed throughout the storied Civil War battlefield. This photo is one of the many beautiful reminders of all that was lost and won on this Pennsylvania fields. Who knows how many lost soldiers covered the field as this general considered his battalion's next move.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gates at Arlington National Cemetery in Autumn

I moved to Washington, DC in the fall of 2005. As a long-time Southern California resident, that fall was my first time experiencing autumn's changing of the leaves and it stirred my photographic soul. The striking combination of fall's bold colors and the moving serenity of Arlington National Cemetery brings my camera and I back each year during the autumn season. This image of the top of the gates at Arlington is one of my favorite photos I've taken thus far. It's the perfect image for the first photo post to the blog.

Welcome to Via My Viewfinder

Buying my first digital camera changed my life. Until then, my amateur photography hobby was restricted by expense of taking and developing pictures on film. With a digital camera, I no longer needed to worry about limiting the number of photos I took or waiting to discover if the day's images were any good. Now, I take as many photos as I want and can check them right away on the camera's screen to confirm I got the shot. No wait. No fuss. As a result, I have taken a lot of photos.

While I've been sharing online photo albums with curious family and friends over the years, I've kept most of them under wraps and out of the public view. Until now. Each day, I plan to post a photo from my collection to Via My Viewfinder. Whenever I travel, my camera journeys with me and I've been able to capture photos of some really cool places and scenes. I'm looking forward to sharing them with you. I love landscape photography, so don't be surprised if you don't see many people in my photographs; I intentionally avoid them. The images should speak for themselves, but if additional background information or context is needed, I'll make sure to add as relevant. So, check in often and enjoy the view Via My Viewfinder. God knows, I truly loved taking them.