Tuesday, September 21, 2010

San Gabriel Valley

The best part about getting my own room as a kid was the view of the "Foothills." I went from sharing a bedroom with a view of the front yard to my sister and I moving to our own rooms on the second floor of our family home with views of the San Gabriel Mountains.

On a clear day (meaning no smog), the view from my bedroom window was incredible. A few years ago on a visit home, I got to experience another one of those days. So, I traveled up to the winding roads of Covina Hills to take this photo of San Gabriel Valley with my beloved Foothills in the background. It was one of those days that made it hard to image living anywhere else.


  1. you're trying to kill me aren't you?? tantalizing me with blue skies and sunny days......THIS is why so cal is home for me.

  2. Oh no! You've found me out!! Now my evil plan to torment those living in grayer locales with the sunnier ones. I'm just glad that 1.) I got to experience a blue sky during one of my visits and 2.) I had my camera with me at the time. Now, it's saved for posterity.