Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Loving Instagram

When digital cameras arrived on the scene, I balked and said I would be sticking with film cameras. Then, I got a digital camera in my hand and said "sayonara" to 35mm film.

When people started taking photos with their cell phones, I said, "That's ridiculous!" I kept taking pictures with my digital camera until I became an iPhone user and fell in love with always having a decent camera in my pocket.

When friends started using an iPhone app and social photo network called Instagram, I insisted that it's a fluke. Why use a phone app to take photographs when your phone can take great pictures and post them directly to more popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter? Then, I started using it and was converted.

I'll admit I'm a slow tech adopter, but when I commit, I commit. The reason for my conversion? Being able to add automatic filters to my photographs with a touch of one button.

I've always loved adding sepia tone to photographs and with the early rise filter on Instragram, I can alter the color of iPhone photographs quickly and easily. Also, how cool are square-shaped images? With white borders? Love it. I even just printed one of my Instagram photos on canvas.

Today's image of my friend's dog, Agave, is one of my favorite Instagram photographs I've taken so far. It looks like a photograph taken with an older 35mm camera with fancy lighting and light shapers. So, what did I use to take this picture? Just the Instagram app on my iPhone. Awesome.

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  1. AGAVE! This picture truly captures the personality of our skittish little Tijuana Terrier. Nice shot Crys!