Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lion King Moment

Yesterday, I braved the high winds (60 miles an hour in places, believe it or not) and visited the Smithsonian's National Zoological Park, or the National Zoo, for the first time. It's strange that it took more than five years to get me to the zoo in DC, but when I finally visited, I was not disappointed.

When I explored the San Diego Zoo in December, the lions (my favorite mammal) refused to be photographed. They spent my entire visit with their backs to my camera. This was not the case for the African lion, Luke, at the National Zoo. He seemed drawn to me and posed multiple times. His position in this photo with the wind blowing his mane reminded me of the final scene in Disney's The Lion King when adult Simba takes his place at the top of Pride Rock. I lingered at the Great Cats area, captivated. Luke's stare was almost hypnotic. While I just missed seeing the new lion cubs, it was still a very fruitful afternoon with the lions.

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