Saturday, February 12, 2011

Meet Poopsie

So Valentine's Day came a little early at my house. Meet Poopsie, the Build-A-Bear Workshop puppy that my family put together for me for Valentine's Day. Super cute, right? I'm pretty sure that my sister was the mastermind behind this gift.

Before I even saw Miss Poopsie in the shipping box, I was greeted by a Valentine's Day card from my mom sharing her hope that Poopsie would "create many lighthearted moments, bring smiles to your face, and most importantly, always remind you that you are very loved." [I'm tearing up again while retyping.] As if this wasn't enough, the gift also included photographs (probably taken by my sister) of Mom building Poopsie at Build-A-Bear Workshop. [More tears again.] It just goes to show that the best gifts are the ones that are made with love and reflect our talents. Mom is a beautiful, thoughtful writer and I've treasured all of her cards. My sister has a remarkable eye for photography and I've already placed some of these photos on my refrigerator. All in all, this Valentine's Day is looking up after receiving one of the best gifts ever.

If you're wondering why this stuffed animal was named Poopsie by my mother, it's her nickname for us kids. But when we were growing up, she was forbidden from using it in public because it was so embarrassing. I still remember seeing Disney's The Little Mermaid at the movie theater with her and Mom getting so excited when Ursula referred to her eels as her "poopsies." I think I got bruises on my arm from Mom repeatedly jabbing me in her excitement. However, I did point out at the time that it was the evil sea queen that used the term. After this thoughtful gift though, I think I need to give Mom a break on the Poopsie thing.

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