Wednesday, April 25, 2012

iPhone Camera to the Rescue

On one of my many morning trips to the Tidal Basin in March to photograph the Cherry Blossoms, I got caught in a thunderstorm. After waiting out the storm under the roof of a National Mall public restroom facility, I ventured out with my camera and starting taking pictures.

Only 20 minutes into the photo session, the battery for my digital camera dies. "That's ok," I said to myself. "I have an extra camera battery in my camera case. Wait. Where is my camera case?"

While I had packed everything in my backpack, including a change of shoes for work, I forgot to put my camera bag into my backpack too. Now, I'm wet, my digital camera isn't working and I'm surrounded by flowers just begging to be photographed.

Before I was a smart phone user, my only option in that situation would be to put away my camera, take in a good mental photograph of my surroundings and then head off to work.

Luckily, my iPhone provides an alternative scenario and I was able to use it to continue photographing the damp Cherry Blossoms. Today's photograph is one of my favorites from that iPhone photo session.

This year's FotoWeekDC Cherry Blossom competition actually has a category for photographs taken with mobile devices and I entered this photograph. To vote for one of my photographs to win their People's Choice award, click here to cast your vote.

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