Thursday, September 1, 2011

Monkey on His Back

As Hurricane Irene wrecked havoc on the East Coast, she also disrupted my travel itinerary. A canceled flight provided an extra day in California, but resulted in a ticket on a packed, anxious return flight to DC on Monday night.

When we finally arrived at the airport in Washington, DC, my fellow passengers were already standing in the aisle, ready to disembark before we had even reached the gate. Standing in front of me, anxious to leave, was this guy with a monkey on his back. Now, it was actually a backpack shaped like a monkey, but looked as if it was a real monkey on his back.

Thank goodness for my inconspicuous iPhone camera, which allowed me to take his photo without this guy's knowledge. To onlookers, it appeared as if I was simply checking my messages on my phone. It did make me wonder though how many people are taking photos with camera phones without our notice.

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