Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smelling the Roses

Hello again. I know it's been a while. Between travel and work, there just hasn't been time in the past week to get back to daily blogging. Even when a blogging moment arrived, I just stared at my computer screen, not clear about what I wanted to write.

Then this morning, I had a moment of clarity. Instead of waiting for time to be available to update the blog, I needed to just take time. Remember the saying, "you must stop to smell the roses"? Well, that's my new mantra for the blog.

Life is busy whether we're career gals, moms-on-the-go, or God help us, both. Funny enough, I find it easier to blog while on vacation than during a regular work day. Why? Well, when I'm vacationing, my brain is prepared to allow for breaks and respites. We're conditioned to make time for activities that interest us when traveling.

In light of that fact, we won't be able to do the things we enjoy unless we carve out time from our schedules and "buy a ticket" -- as my friend Liz says -- with ourselves to pursue our interests and hobbies. If you purchased a ticket to an event, you would go out of your way to make sure you could attend, right? Now, my blogging will be a ticketed event I can't cancel.

When I was visiting Las Vegas a few weekends ago, I took a few minutes to explore this spectacular sculpture exhibit at the Bellagio. Located in the theater where Cirque du Soleil performs their water-themed show, O, sculptures by artist Richard MacDonald line the entrance. Inspired by Cirque performers and professional ballet dancers, the bronze figures were so enthralling and expressive. My iPhone couldn't keep up with how many photographs I wanted to take.

While I only spent 15-20 minutes appreciating the exhibit, it was one of the highlights of my Vegas trip. I need to start taking those 15-20-minute breaks daily to feed my creativity and my soul. If not, Crystal becomes a very unhappy camper and this blog remains silent for too long.

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