Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Surprise Visitor

Be very, very careful not to startle photographers when filming. You never know what they're taking a picture of. Bottom line: Distracting the photographer may inadvertently place YOU in the center of their photograph.

Case in point, my co-worker Joe appearing in this photograph. While practicing close-ups on this holiday wreath at work last week, Joe thought it would be funny to wave at me from the conference room while I was busy with my camera. Little did he know that I was able to frame my next shot to include him in mid-wave. Ha! In spite of my amateur action photography skill, he's in pretty good focus and adds an interesting element to an otherwise basic holiday photo. And now I've posted this photo with a mischievous Joe on my blog. Not sure who the joke is on now. Bet if I asked Joe, he would say this was all part of his master plan and I fell for it. Oh well. At least the resulting photo makes me laugh, making the exercise totally worth it.

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