Thursday, March 31, 2011

Almost Sunset

This was the closest I got to capturing a Hawaiian sunset during my stay on Kaua'i. I took today's post facing the Na Pali Coast from the Hanalei Bay Resort. Due to the rain clouds in the sky, the sun's rays appear to be exploding as it dips behind the Na Pali Coast's cliffs. There are no roads along this coastline, so to see this stunning and rugged site, visitors must either hike through it, sail along it or fly over it. The fifteen-mile stretch of Na Pali coastline on Kaua'i's northwest shore literally means "the Cliffs," due to the sheer cliffs that drop straight down thousands of feet into the Pacific. It was such a spectacular sight watching this kaleidoscope of colors reflect off of the clouds, mountains and water to create this beautiful sunset painting in the sky.

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