Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waimea Canyon in Perspective

Once again, I was reminded of the adage: when in doubt, always listen to the wisdom of others.

During a visit to the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" -- Waimea Canyon -- on Kaua'i yesterday, I struggled to capture its breadth and expanse with my camera. While the human eye understood the huge size and awesomeness of the canyon, my photographs of its ridges and valleys just did not seem to paint the whole picture. So one of my travel companions, who is a great photographer himself, suggested that I include dreaded people in my photograph to provide the needed perspective. Now, you are all familiar with how I intensely dislike including people in my nature photographs, however, out of desperation to get a good shot before leaving the canyon, I allowed a few of the tourists on the observation deck into the image. The resulting photograph, and today's post, provides viewers with enough visual cues to understand why travelers are in awe of this tremendous sight.

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