Friday, May 6, 2011

Protected Trunk

So, I think that I have just entered my tree phase. For the past few weeks, all of the photos I've been inspired to share have featured flowers. Now, all I want to post about are trees. My apologies in advance to the people who love flowers or DC locales or other subjects I like to photograph. At least for a while, I want to talk about trees.

Yesterday's post was a composition featuring the top part of this tree. Today, let's look at its base -- its trunk. The most impressive tree trunk I've ever seen in person was a giant sequoia in Sequoia National Park in California. This tree's trunk cannot even begin to rival a sequoia's trunk, however in this residential neighborhood in DC, it does dwarf its neighbors. According to my friend who lives next door to this beast of an oak, this tree is supposedly a historic landmark because it is the oldest tree in the District of Columbia. While my Internet sleuthing could not verify his claim, I like the idea that a beautiful, well-aged tree would be protected from our destructive need to change and control the natural environment around us. Sometimes, I think that we should be building around nature instead of demanding nature to surrender to our will.

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