Monday, May 9, 2011


I just spent the weekend with the most important people in my life -- my family. They are like Big Tree. My parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins have all grown impressive roots in my life.

While I believe we are pre-programed for who we are meant to be at birth, our family helps to fertilize and nurture the seeds of our being so we grow into the adults we are created to be. Last week, I was once again reminded how blessed I am to have been blessed with a loving family who encouraged and supported me throughout my life. Everyone is not as lucky. It is a truth I hold on to when facing life's grown-up challenges, such as loved ones' illnesses and death. 

Like Big Tree, families take a long time to grow. Roots grow deeply into the earth and expand. In essence, we are a combination of the people who came before us and those who exist with us, all tied together in this endless cycle. I'm grateful our family's cycle carries more good things than bad. If I am honest, it is because they taught me to be honest. If I am generous, it is because they showed me how to be generous. If I am loving, it is because they loved me and showed me how to return love. It is a legacy of lessons I will hopefully pass on to my children, a legacy that will live beyond us all.

We must always strive to be good gardeners of our family's plot by removing weeds and helping what's good grow and flourish in future generations.

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