Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New York Public Library

Have you ever thought while reviewing your photographs, "Now, why did I do that?!" and delete or discard the offending photograph? I experienced that moment frequently, believing that my misjudgment or miscalculation prevented a good photograph from becoming a great one. As part of my 2011 challenge, that line of thinking is no longer allowed. Instead of getting hung up on what I didn't accomplish in a photograph, I'm going to celebrate what I did capture.

This photograph near the New York Public Library entrance in New York City is one of the images I've discredited in the past because of a mistake I wish I never made. To the viewer, it isn't obvious, but from my vantage point, it sticks out like a sore thumb. In spite of this glitch, there are great elements in the composition, such as the multicolored flowers and the lion statue, that I love. The image itself epitomizes the beauty found in so many of Manhattan's structures. Banishing it would prevent others from enjoying those characteristics as well. I'm learning that there is a difference between being a perfectionist who focuses solely on errors in photographs, ignoring accomplishments, and a critic who looks at the whole -- good and bad elements -- to grow as a photographer. I'm choosing the latter and broadening my photographer's eye to take in both the pros and cons of my images, and as a result, become a stronger, but less pessimistic, photographer.

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  1. now i'm curious as to what this "glitch" is?? i don't see anything wrong!