Monday, January 3, 2011

Yellow Hibiscus

Yellow is my new favorite color in nature. This trend is particularly evident in my photography lately. Whether it is the color of leaves, animals or flowers, such as today's photograph of a yellow hibiscus at the San Diego Zoo, I adore yellow's brightness, vibrancy and welcoming presence.

Growing up, I was not fond of yellow, especially due to my parents love of it as a paint color. However as I've grown older, my fondness for yellow's shades and ranges has grown exponentially. If you think about it, yellow is a perfect color to exist in nature. When combined with the color blue found in natural elements such as the sky and water, it becomes green, a dominant color in nature found in numerous plants and animals. According to Wikipedia, the color yellow is associated with liberalism, but I'm sure that connotation had no impact on my growing affection for the color. I think.

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