Sunday, January 2, 2011

Relaxing Elephant

Traveling can make one weary. Although I love how traveling brings new places and adventures, spending time in airplanes, airports and train stations can be draining. So as I make my way back to Washington, DC today, I'll be focusing on this photograph from my visit to the San Diego Zoo as my "Moment of Zen."

The zoo just opened a new elephant exhibit, Elephant Odyssey. In this moment, one of its elephant residents decided to greet visitors by laying its head on the enclosure wall and occasionally waving his trunk. The crowd went wild with delight. I believe the feeling was mutual for our relaxing elephant, who was a bit of a ham. This image is also an example of how focusing on the background (subject farthest from you) instead of your foreground (subject closest to you) can create interesting compositions, especially when closeness to a subject is limited.

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