Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Olympic Iliad in Seattle

Modern art still confounds me, however there is something about Alexander Liberman's "Olympic Iliad" near the Space Needle in Seattle that speaks to me. Perhaps it's the red giant steel cylinders against the green grass or the sculpture's conflicting appearance of disorder and balance at the same time, that draws my attention. Whatever the reason, this public artwork has always stayed with me since my visit in 2005.

Liberman, known for his use of industrially manufactured materials, assembled the red cylinders, cut at varying angles and lengths, to form an immense structure than one can walk around and underneath. While one might suggest its form resembles a spider, glazing at it does not fill me with dread. An unusual response, since I intensely dislike insects, particularly spiders. Rather, "Olympic Iliad" makes me feel free. I wonder if that was Liberman's intention since his design makes some cylinders appear to be floating in the air.

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  1. that is right next to the kids favorite place, the pacific science center. i'll think of you the next time we're up there.