Friday, June 17, 2011

Farmhouse Lily

Don't you love surprises? I certainly do. Part of my summer weekend photography challenge is to uncover as many "surprises" or unexpected beauty of locations I'm photographing. So while at the farm in Centreville, I spotted this lily growing in the small garden near the front of the house. It wasn't an attractive specimen or even large in size, but I knew that if I moved the camera lens in closer, I could make the lily appear more distinct and perhaps, more beautiful.

After photographing around the farmhouse and field areas, I escaped the humid weather and rejoined my friends inside to enjoy the air conditioning. When asked to see the photographs I had taken so far, I handed my camera over and allowed them to view the images.

When this photograph appeared on the preview screen, my admirers were confused. "Where did you photograph this beautiful flower?" they inquired. "Just outside," I responded. Confused by my response, I explained that this lily was growing in the garden in front of the house. "I never even knew there were lilies there! What a beautiful flower!" they remarked.

That's what's great about seeing the world through a camera's viewfinder. Through the camera, we are able to discover and see the beauty in objects we might have overlooked or dismissed as ordinary. What seemed like a boring flower at a distance appears entirely different, even striking, up close.

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