Thursday, June 23, 2011

Key Bridge at Sunset

If I could paint, I would paint sunrises and sunsets all the time. It is breathtaking to visualize the sky with such bold colors. In my humble opinion, it may be easier to capture the full beauty of the rising and the setting of the sun on canvas than in a photograph.

It is difficult with a camera to balance the combination of darkness and light that accompanies that time of day. Often, the image might be too dark and does not capture the vibrancy of dawn or dusk and leaves structures and other background subjects shrouded in shadow.

I battled with this challenge yesterday while attempting to photograph the setting sun's rays at the Georgetown Waterfront. In the distance, but in shadow, is Key Bridge and a single boat sailing on the Potomac River. While not the focus of my composition, the boat and bridge are evident enough to create an interesting layer to my photograph of sunset without stealing the spotlight from Wednesday's spectacular evening sky.

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