Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fox Hunt Country

Living so close to the city, it is easy to forget that just an hour drive away in eastern Virginia is farmland with fields of food and grazing livestock.

On Saturday, I drove out to Middleburg in Loudoun County which is a rural area just 40 miles away from DC. It is home to polo matches, horse jumping competitions, wineries, antique shopping, and even controversial fox hunting. Residents of Middleburg prefer horse riding attire than more formal city attire.

In the city center, there is a statue of a fox poised to run at the sound of the fox hunt's hounds and riders. To say it is like another world there would be an understatement. I enjoyed the break from city life and the slower pace in Middlebury, but I'm glad that I missed the fox hunt.

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  1. and you should see some of the gorgeous homes/mansions out there... Elizabeth Taylor used to live there, and Jackie K Onassis used to ride there all the time--I was a candy striper in high school and she had come in one time after falling from her horse.