Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Us Chickens

When I think of farms, I always think of chickens. And my friend's place in Centreville has lots of them. Each day, he collects dozens of fresh eggs which he sells in the community or gives away to lucky visitors like me. Apologies to my vegetarian readers, but the flavor of his farm-raised chicken is distinctively different from store-bought factory farm-raised poultry.

While I love living near the city, my one regret is that other than visits to local farmers' markets, I wish I had easier access to farms and their good food. At times, urban areas make it difficult for city dwellers to grow or raise food.

Boston, Massachusetts is trying to prevent people from keeping chickens in their backyards. If we city people wish to be greener and support local food production, we need to encourage local governments to allow for backyard chickens, community gardens and other urban programs that allow us to bring farming into our cities. By doing so, we can provide more sustainable, healthier food for our families and communities. Find out what you can do to support the Boston backyard chickens by joining the Legalize Chickens in Boston Facebook community page and get involved.

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