Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guarded Rifleman

As I mentioned earlier this week, each Tuesday and Thursday in October and November, I will be posting a new photo from last fall's photo excursion to the Korean War Veterans Memorial. Located near the Lincoln Memorial and tucked away from the main National Mall thoroughfare sits this monument in tribute to the U.S. and U.N. soldiers who served in Korean War.

Often the grandness and emotion of its monument neighbors -- the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial -- draw visitors away. However, the Korean War Veterans Memorial is quietly grand and emotional in its own way. Its focus is the 19 larger than life-sized stainless steel statues of a squad on patrol in full combat gear. Each branch of the military is depicted here as they climb the simulated rugged terrain of Korea. In position 16, this statue depicts a Army Rifleman carrying a M-1 Garand Rifle. While from this vantage point, his helmet hides his eyes, his tense body is able to express what his guarded face cannot.

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