Sunday, October 31, 2010

United We Heal

Yesterday's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert was amazing. So glad that I went. To be in the middle of a sea of 215,000 cheering people is indescribable. Many attendees held homemade signs displaying funny slogans and/or political statements. For me, this sign stood out. Its simple statement, which plays off of the often used "United We Stand," encapsulated what I believed the rally was all about.

Our 24/7 news cycle and politicians in Washington, DC and beyond create an aura of divisiveness within the public. Instead of highlighting our commonalities and issues that can bring us together, these elements promote issues and differences that drive us apart. From dealing with challenges, such as the economy, war, the threat of terrorism,  health crises and among others that face this nation, Americans need healing. "United We Heal" illustrates the truth that healing is only possible if we all work together, instead of fighting about who wins and loses. We're all in this together. On Tuesday when voters head to the voting booth, I hope that they will use their votes to bring our nation together and not play along with driving us apart. 

To read Jon Stewart's thoughts regarding the point of yesterday's rally, read his fantastic closing speech.

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