Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lounging Lion

Since starting this blog, I've started carrying my camera around with me. I often can't predict when a photo opportunity will present itself, so I've started to keeping a camera close-by just in case. This photo is a perfect example for my new "always be prepared" photo motto.

While strolling by the Corcoran Gallery of Art near the White House, I noticed that its entrance was flanked by stone lions. I'm very fond of lions. If I could be an animal, I would pick to be a lioness. Even though my zodiac sign is Leo, I think that I would have picked the African Lion as my animal anyway. While lionesses are the primary hunters for their pride, they are collaborators and work in complex teams to accomplish tasks. They are instinctive animals and use their natural instinct to guide them to food sources, as well as alert them to threats. Each day, I strive to embody these traits -- to be a strong leader who works well in teams and listens to my gut instinct for guidance. And like the lounging depiction of these lions at the Corcoran, I hope that in between leading the pride and accomplishing tasks, I too can catch a few siestas here and there.

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