Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rodin's The Thinker

It was Grandma Winnie who first introduced me to the work of Auguste Rodin. She loved his sculptures. While she wasn't really an art connoisseur, Grandma did appreciate the arts and literature. There was something about how Rodin captured the human figure that seemed to speak to her, and later to me as well.

When visiting Philadelphia for my 30th birthday, I discovered that there was a Rodin Museum near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Filled with many originals, I loved every minute spent touring the Rodin Museum. His famous "The Thinker" sculpture greeted visitors at the museum's entrance. After taking this photo as we left the museum, I felt a very strong connection with Grandma Winnie even though we were miles apart. As I continue to grieve her loss this year -- she passed away in January at the grand age of 97 -- I know that these shared interests and moments will continue to keep us connected.

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