Friday, October 29, 2010

Pink Hibiscus

Reviewing my flower photographs, it's clear that I enjoy photographing four specific types of flowers -- orchids, roses, bird of paradise flowers and like today's photo post, hibiscus flowers. These flowers hold sentimental meaning for me, which is why I find it difficult to pass them by with my camera and not photograph them.
  • Orchids -- My mother's favorite flower, although she did not have a knack for keeping them alive at our house.
  • Roses -- Dorothy, my next door neighbor growing up, grew the most beautiful roses in her backyard. She was like a surrogate grandmother to us Borde kids and roses remind me of her.
  • Bird of paradise flowers -- These grew in our front yard of my childhood home. It was the perfect greeting for guests visiting our Trinidadian home, adding a little touch of the Caribbean right by our front door.
  • Hibiscus -- In our backyard, hibiscus flowers grew along the fence line and served as another tropical reminder of us island dwellers at family get-togethers at our home.
Now, my sentimental love for these flowers does not mean they are the primary subjects of my flower photography. Moving to the East Coast has introduced new flower species into my life, such as cherry blossoms and tulips, with new memories and associations with them as well.

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