Monday, April 4, 2011

Cherry Blossoms and the Jefferson Memorial

I'm interrupting the Hawai'i photo montage to share some images from this year's Cherry Blossoms. This year, I got to enjoy the blossoms with a special guest -- my Mom. A long lover of my Cherry Blossom photos year after year, this was the first time she got to see the Cherry Blossoms in person. What a treat! During the sunrise journey among the blossoms this weekend, observers would not know that it was past the projected peak. In spite of rain showers and wind, the blossoms were still abundant on the Cherry Blossom tress around the Tidal Basin. Here's a great image of a Cherry Blossom branch with the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

On another note, Google just launched a new way to view blogs like mine on Blogger. If you visit, readers will get a chance to read my blog in five different ways. Called dynamic viewing, you can display and enjoy Via My Viewfinder in either Flipcard, Mosaic, Snapshot, Sidebar or Timeline formats. If you like the current display of the blog, don't worry; you can still view it in the traditional format at If you're adventurous, I recommend the Flipcard, Mosaic or Snapshot dynamic formats, which are really great layouts for photo blogs. Play around and enjoy!

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