Saturday, April 2, 2011

Muse at the Beach

All artists, especially painters and sculptors, need a muse. And even though I am only a humble photographer, sometimes I need muses for inspiration and perspective as well. During my Hawaiian adventures, my friend Gladys became my muse. I can't tell you how many photos she ended up in during my week-and-a-half photo excursion. She complemented this tropical paradise and became a great addition to my Kaua'i compositions.

This photograph was the most unexpected. While hanging out at Po'ipu Beach, I was playing around with perspective and decided to point my camera towards the sky while lying on my beach blanket. All of a sudden Gladys, who was sitting in a beach chair next to me, appeared in the frame and I took this image. It contains all of the characteristics of a perfect beach scene -- relaxed sunbather, colorful beach towel, swaying palm tree and clear blue sky.

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