Friday, April 22, 2011

Yellow and White Tulip

You can see so much more when you move your camera lens very close to a flower. While I'm not a big fan of macro photography, when a photographer moves his or her camera as close as possible to a subject, there is something to be said for getting up-close and personal with a single flower.

At a distance, this tulip might appear as just a yellow flower with white edges. However upon closer inspection, observers will be able to see how the tulip's petals are either growing toward the sunlight or perhaps the incessant wind in this area has forced the bud to grow towards its side. Either way, the contortion of the petals helps this flower stand out from its neighbors in the Netherlands Carillon flower bed. I never would have noticed its unique figure if I had not used the camera as a magnifying glass, moving closer to the flower and eliminating the other flowers from my view.

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