Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Star, Up Close

This is a close-up of my very first Christmas tree in my first apartment. Other than some white lights, gold garland and red ornaments, it was a pretty basic Christmas tree. At the time, I couldn't afford anything fancy. Standing at a distance, my Christmas tree did not look impressive, but up close as in this photograph, you really could not tell. Instead of dwelling on what was missing, I used my camera to focus on what my tree did have on its branches and see its beauty.

During the holidays, we are often reminded that while we may have possessions this year, we may not the next. There are many people this Christmas who will celebrate the season with so little. We should take a strength-based approach and celebrate and enjoy what we do have, in order to truly appreciate the season and its many gifts even if it is only a sparsely, decorated Christmas tree.

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