Sunday, December 19, 2010

Marching Washington

Every morning on my way to work, I pass by Washington Circle where a statue of General George Washington riding his horse in the Battle of Trenton during the Revolutionary War resides. It was only after the snowstorm last year that I actually walked through the circle -- instead of around -- and studied this beautiful statue by sculptor Clark Mills. The Battle of Trenton took place on the day after Christmas in 1776, when Washington and the Continental Army crossed the frozen Delaware River to surprise the sleeping Hessian soldiers recovering from their Christmas night festivities. The colonial army captured 2/3 of the Hessian forces. The victory, though small, served as inspiration to the wavering colonial rebels and helped pave the way for defeating the British and securing America's independence. I imagine that Washington and his horse may have actually resembled this image, covered with snow as he marched into Trenton. Now when I pass by the circle, I'm drawn to this great bronze statue of a victorious general marching toward independence.

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