Saturday, December 18, 2010


As I walked home through the snow last night, the quiet of my snow-covered neighborhood prompted deep thoughts. (Me deep thoughts? Shocker, I know! LOL) As I walked, I thought about the new year ahead and what I would like it to be like, what I would like to happen, etc. I decided that I would like 2011 to be a significant year in my life and am willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

While the past thirty-two years have served me very well and I'm grateful, I would like this new year to be all about possibilities. A year not ruled by negativity and fear. A year totally focused on possibilities.

My best photographs are the ones where I removed my expectations and just let the composition happen. I could art direct my photography and end up with good pictures, but often the unexpected moments and images are the most moving and memorable. I didn't plan today's photo, but look at how beautiful it is with the sunlight in the trees and the trees' shadows on the snow.

In 2011, I'll be applying this principle to my life and my photography. Want to join me in this new year challenge? Start thinking about how you can integrate possibilities into your life and I'll share more about my strategies in my blog post on January 1, 2011. Until then, savor the beauty, joy and stillness of the winter season and allow yourself to dream and start thinking about possibilities.

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