Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Go Ducks

I am definitely my father's daughter when it comes to photography. When Dad was growing up in Trinidad, he used to raise pigeons. Since then, his love of birds grew and eventually he passed it along to me. Now, we aren't birdwatchers who go on hikes to observe birds. Instead, we go about our daily routine and take note  of the birds that cross our paths.

Last year on one of my weekend walks at Burke Lake Park, I stopped and took a photo of these ducks swimming in the lake. Dad would be so proud. Ducks are my favorite birds to photograph, because they are a bit vain. They are willing subjects, lingering in a scene to give me enough time to adjust and focus the camera and capture them in action.

Special Note: This post is also in honor of the 12-0 Oregon Ducks football team who will be representing the PAC-10 in this year's College Football National Championship game against Auburn. While I'm a UCLA fan, I always support the PAC-10 team in the National Championship and Rose Bowl games. Unless the team is Stanford and then I just can't do it. Go Ducks!

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