Friday, December 24, 2010

Missing Misty

While the holidays are full of cheer and joy, it can also be a time for quiet reflection on old friends and family members who are unable to join in the festivities. This holiday season will be particularly difficult for my family, since it will be the first Christmas and New Year's without my Grandma Winnie who passed away earlier this year. I thought about posting a photo of her today, but decided against it. In my head, I could hear her chastising me for doing it, so I found another photo option instead. Today, I'll share a photo of another member of the family who is no longer with us -- our family dog, Misty.

I know there are people who believe that pets are just animals and should be treated and thought of as thus. But we didn't think of Misty that way. Instead, she was a full-fledged member of the Borde clan and could be as moody, demanding, stubborn, fiercely loyal and loving -as the other human members of our family. She passed away from cancer after I had moved to Washington, DC and I didn't get to say goodbye. When I visit my parents, I sometimes hear her paws on the kitchen linoleum or her metal tags jangling. There will be a flash of sadness at the sounds, but then I quickly replace it with smile or chuckle. Misty's hello is a friendly reminder that while a loved one may not be physically with us, they are still present in our lives, our hearts, our souls, our memories.

Grandma Winnie hated to be the center of attention, hence her dislike of her photo being taken. Out of respect for her wishes, I won't post her photo on this blog. However Grandma, freedom of speech allows me to talk about you and the loss of you in a-round-about-way on this blog. Literally, the post is about Misty, but I still slipped you in. Sneaky, I know. What can I say. I'm stubborn and bull-headed. Wonder who I inherited that from?

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