Monday, January 2, 2012

Back to DC

I'm going, going ... back, back ... to DC, DC. Well, that's not how the Notorious B.I.G. song goes. Biggie's going back to California. But, I've been there and done that trip already. Now, I'm heading back to the cold East Coast after a good visit to the West Coast for the holidays.

Today's photograph is of DC's famed (or infamous) Watergate complex. While it used to be a hotel during the Nixon era, it is now private condominium residences. One time, I saw TV personality Ben Stein leaving the Watergate. Ironically before his acting and TV career, Stein used to work in the Nixon White House as a speechwriter and now lives at the site of his former boss' political undoing.

What's interesting about this image of the Watergate is that if I didn't mention it was located in Washington, DC, it could easily pass as a building in Los Angeles. The bright sunlight highlighting the Watergate and its green trees and modern architecture would be at home in the L.A. skyline and seems out of place along the Potomac River in DC where buildings tend to feature Greek and Roman-inspired architectural elements instead.

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