Friday, January 13, 2012

Tree Branch Gazing

I'm so grateful for the arrival of the holiday weekend. It's been a very long week.

Besides enjoying a Monday off from work, I think I need a moment this weekend to just lie on my back (in what remains of the grass) and then look up at marvel at a sky filled with tree branches.

Have you ever spent time just gazing up under a tree's canopy? It's so peaceful. When looking up at the underside of a tree, the branches look like interlaced veins. While it is easy to find the base or start of each tree branch, the rest of the branches become a maze of tree limbs.

Tree branch gazing is fascinating and time-consuming. It's the perfect holiday weekend activity and definitely on my agenda this weekend, if the weather permits. Fingers crossed.


  1. So ... Did the D.C. weather permit?

    1. Unfortunately, no. It was just too cold. Maybe next weekend. [fingers crossed]