Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Photography and Choice

Freedom of choice is one of the most empowering elements of being a photographer, especially for control freaks such as myself. With my camera, I am the decision maker.

Photographers make a variety of decisions within a single frame -- determining the photo subject(s), whether to zoom in or out, what perspective to film from and more. Taking a photograph can be as detailed and complicated as ordering a beverage at Starbucks.

In today's photograph, hundreds of cameras were pointed toward the blooming cherry blossoms around the western side of the Tidal Basin. I chose to photograph this perspective as well -- the northwestern side of the Basin -- which captured the interesting Independence Avenue bridge in the background.

While there are many things out of our control in life, regardless of circumstances or situation, we always have choices to choose and make. As photographers and in life, we are bestowed with the power of choice and challenged to make and own the best decisions we can. Hopefully, our choices will result in beautiful compositions and outcomes.

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