Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tree by the Potomac River at Sunrise

When I go out on photo excursions, I take hundreds of photos. It's what I love most about using digital cameras instead of film cameras.

To be honest, I was probably a better photo editor when I used my 35mm film camera. Wasting film is expensive, so when I used film, I needed to be more selective what photographs I took. With digital cameras, I can take as many photographs as my memory card can hold. The sky (or memory card) is the limit.

I took hundreds of photos in November when I drove along George Washington Parkway to capture autumn's final fling. Some photographs stood out in my memory and I posted them right away to the blog. Others, like this one of the sunrise lighting a tree along the Potomac River, was overlooked until now.

Reviewing old photographs is like unwrapping unexpected presents; you just never know what gens you will rediscover. I wonder what I will discover tomorrow.

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