Monday, January 9, 2012

Tudor Place Yellow Lily

I've always loved the play of shadows and light on photo subjects. While there can be much beauty found when photo subjects are completely bathed in light, I find the shading that occurs when light and darkness are both present is more compelling.

This photo composition of a yellow lily at the Tudor Place gardens is a perfect example of how even the conservative presence of shadows interplaying with sunlight defines the form and depth of the lily's petals.

If the flower was only photographed in full light, perhaps the color of the lily might be more vivid, but it would be the sole focus of the image. By allowing the presence of shadows along with the sun's rays, the photograph of the lily becomes intriguing and more honest.

American painter and printmaker Sam Francis once said, "An increase in light gives an increase in darkness." I believe that is very true. The presence of light and darkness in nature provides balance. Nature photographs should strive to try to depict that balance.

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