Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tudor Place Rose

One of the best ways to discover the hidden treasures in your neighborhood is to subscribe to the local magazine all about your metro area.

While living in Los Angeles, I was an avid reader of Los Angeles magazine. Since moving to the Washington, DC area, I've read Washingtonian magazine every month, discovering more about the people, places and news around the DC metro area. It was through the magazine that I read about the Tudor Place and Gardens, a five-acre historic national landmark in Georgetown.

I visited Tudor Place in the spring and enjoyed photographing its blooming gardens, such as this red rose in today's photograph. Built on land purchased with a legacy from George Washington in the early 1800s, this remarkable house and surrounding gardens witnessed so much American history, especially during the Civil War years.

UPDATE 1/12/12: Apparently, I've posted this photo already on the blog. I apologize for the redundancy. The first time this image was posted, it was in honor of my aunt's birthday. She's having a difficult time this week, which is probably why this photo made a return visit to the blog. I hope that both you and my aunt enjoyed its beauty again.

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