Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Tidal Basin Swim

And the Kodak Pulse strikes again and displays another forgotten, yet beautiful, photograph from my photo collection. Every spring when the Cherry Blossoms bloom, I always try to capture the Tidal Basin ducks swimming beneath the blossoms. After several attempts, I usually only walk away with one good composition with the ducks in them.

Why are these ducks so difficult to photograph? Well, the ducks who hang out at the Tidal Basin are really fast swimmers. Due to the crowds visiting the Cherry Blossoms, they rarely exit the water so the "ducks on land" photos are not an option. If I want to photograph the ducks, I have to film them while they are in the water.

During the early morning hours, the Tidal Basin ducks enjoy two things -- swimming really fast across the pond and diving under the water to eat. Both of these activities are not very photogenic. However on occasion, I'll get lucky and place the camera in the right place at the right time to create a composition like today's post taken in 2009. Thank goodness Kodak Pulse pulled it out of the archives for all of us to enjoy once again.

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