Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rediscovering the Archives

Last Christmas, I read about Kodak's new digital photo frame -- Kodak Pulse -- which is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing the frame to be refreshed and updated through the Internet. Users can upload photos directly to the frame or link it to existing Kodak Gallery or Facebook albums. Also through a unique email address, you allow family and friends to email photos that would automatically display in the frame.

I knew this would be the perfect holiday gift for my parents who love to showoff photos of our growing family. Sure enough, it was a big hit. Since then I've recommended the frame to everyone. It is the perfect way to keep grandparents informed of the events and special moments in the lives of their children and grandchildren or a way to say "hello" or "I'm thinking of you" to someone struggling at home with a long-term illness. After finally purchasing one for my own home, I discovered that the Kodak Pulse is another way for me to enjoy the thousands of photos I've taken over the past 10 years as an amateur photographer and unearth new photos for this blog.

Keeping track of my expanding photo archives has been challenging. The frame became a solution to this problem by displaying older images I had long forgotten, such as this image taken near Reagan National Airport during autumn with the Washington Monument in the background. I took more than 140 photos during this photo excursion a few years ago and at the time, overlooked its interesting color and composition.

Each day, I look forward to discovering what photographs my Kodak Pulse will reveal and its potential as future posts on the blog. I'll be featuring some of these rediscovered photographs in the next couple blog entries.

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