Saturday, July 23, 2011

Light over Dark

Lots of sad news today. Norway. Amy Winehouse. The Horn of Africa. News with tragic headlines and depressing details. Each day, we face multiple notices of passings, struggles and pain. At times it can feel overwhelming, as if we are being swallowed up by the darkness of the world.

It is an understandable perspective, but a limited view of life's big picture. While the dark elements exist around us, we are also surrounded by light and positivity as well.

In this image of the Georgetown Waterfront at twilight, you might focus just on the surrounding darkness. But look again. In the midst of the encroaching night, there are still lights present in the distance and light from what remains visible of the setting sun streak the sky. Light always accompanies dark. And hope always present in times of despair.

In spite of the upsetting news of the day, we must seek out the light in the darkness and let it guide us to through darker days.

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