Saturday, July 16, 2011

Still Blue Heron

In spite of the traffic and city noise, lots of wildlife live along the major highways in Virginia, especially near the George Washington Parkway that runs along the Potomac River in Northern Virginia.

The noise from the well-used GW Parkway doesn't keep the regal Great Blue Heron away. Whenever I walk along the Mount Vernon Trail with its runners, bicyclists and walkers between the Potomac River and GW Parkway, I often see Blue Herons lounging by the riverside. They seem unconcerned by human onlookers and stand very still, which is perfect for us nature photographers. While the wildlife doesn't mind us stopping, the other users of Mount Vernon Trail do; pausing for longer than a minute elicits shouts and curse words from fellow trailblazers. Apparently, they don't appreciate the surroundings as much as I do.

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