Monday, July 18, 2011

From the Kennedy Center Terrace

Have you seen the HBO documentary, Citizen USA: A 50-State Road Trip? Directed by Alexandra Pelosi, (daughter of House of Representative member Nancy Pelosi), the film travels across the U.S. to attend naturalization ceremonies in all 50 states and meets brand-new U.S. citizens to find out why they chose America as their home.

It's so moving to listen to each person's reason for coming to America and choosing to become a citizen. Many share their desire to enjoy America's vast opportunities, but some seek more basic needs -- the ability to walk safely in their neighborhoods; the opportunity for all of their children to receive an education; and/or the option to freely practice a religion or none-at-all.

Native-born Americans, separated from their immigrant roots by generations, may take these opportunities for granted. Living in the nation's capital, you need only look at this patriotic vista to be reminded of America's promise to become a "shining city on the hill," and fulfill the dreams of the tired, poor and "huddled masses yearning to breathe free" who begin new lives within its borders.

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